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August 1, 2015
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Cost Effective Seller Rehab Tips!

Cost Effective Seller Rehab Tips!

If you’re trying to get top dollar for your home, it’s important for it to look in tip top shape.  Below are 4 of  my personal rehab suggestions to do  prior to listing your home.

Week 1 Paint. Neutral colors are always best. Don’t think about it too much just head to Home Depot select colors in the neutral family.  You can never go wrong with a white.  If you cannot get yourself around to doing all the rooms at least address the baseboards and doors (especially the front door). A front door is the first thing the buyer sees before entering the home. You want to start out with a great impression!

Week 2 Sealant/Grout/Caulk.  Caulking in your bathroom, in your kitchen and around your baseboards  often retracts with age leaving gaps  and  also tends to get grimy in areas of the home where it is exposed to water.  You can quickly refresh and seal your home by scraping away the old caulk and resealing it giving any space a fresh, clean look. Similarly, grout tends to crack and discolor you can easily freshen up tile work in any room of your house with fresh grout.

Week 3 Landscaping. Trim, mulch, plant and water,  the 4 wonders of the landscape world. Work with what you have by trimming it back, removing debris, etc.  Place fresh mulch around the yard as a border, path or to accent certain planted areas.  Add in some flowering plants to accent greenery or along a pathway. Last, water…water…water.  Having a fresh green lawn and perky plants makes all the difference.  You want your yard to look as alive as your home.

Week 4 Hardware.  When updating hardware and lighting make sure everything is cohesive and looks like it is from the same period and of the same style (modern, traditional, ornate, etc).  Updating faucets and shower heads makes a huge improvement (make sure they have the same finish).  What about updating the knobs in the kitchen or bath ? Don’t forget the exterior… think about the outdoor lighting as well.  Subtle changes like this can make a big improvement to your home.

Once you’ve made these improvements you’re ready to list your home!